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Unmarried Parents

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When in a loving relationship, it may be unimaginable that the relationship will ever end. It is deplorable to find that there are no rights or obligations set forth by law if a relationship does terminate. At the family law office of Gans & Gans, we offer compassion, advice, and experienced counsel to unmarried couples who are currently still together and those who have ended their relationship.

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Connecticut Laws Involving Unmarried Couples

Many states have common law marriage or other laws which give legal rights to unmarried couples. However, in Connecticut, unmarried couples do not have the same rights or protection as married couples should the relationship end, except for child support rights. This includes areas such as alimony/spousal support and property division rights.

Our family law attorneys help unmarried couples protect their rights, assets, and future claims by establishing a cohabitation agreement between the couple. Similar to a prenuptial agreement, a cohabitation agreement enables unmarried couples to address future support as well as allocation of assets, debts, and rights.

Protection for Unmarried Parents

If a relationship involving unmarried parents ends, it is crucial to speak with an attorney quickly and start custody actions as soon as possible. If child custody orders are not started, there is no remedy for parental kidnapping if one parent suddenly takes the child to another state. We help unmarried parents with the following:

Separation of parents can be emotionally and physically devastating to a child. At Gans & Gans, we work to minimize the turmoil and impact of these sensitive matters. Therefore, when making decisions that involve your children, it is important to work together to achieve an agreement.

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