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Property Division

Bridgeport Property Division Attorneys

When contemplating marriage, it is important to consider what rights and obligations are provided by Connecticut laws. Because Connecticut is an equitable distribution property state, one cannot be certain of future property rights if the relationship ends. A valuable mechanism for preventing property disputes is a prenuptial agreement.

Resolution-Oriented Property Division Guidance

At Gans & Gans, we help couples create premarital agreements and postnuptial agreements. We can also guide clients through the divorce process and construct an amicable property settlement agreement.

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Equitable Marital Property Division

In Connecticut, courts determine property division based on what is fair or equitable. Although certain assets may be kept separate from marital property, such as individual inheritances, or property brought into the marriage, the court may choose to divide property in any manner that it believes to be equitable. The following factors are used to determine what is fair:

  • Age
  • Health
  • Length of the marriage
  • Cause for the termination of the marriage
  • Occupation
  • Available assets
  • Income and sources of income
  • Vocational skills, education, and earning capacity
  • Debt and liabilities
  • Special needs
  • Contribution to the marriage

Many factors used to determine equitable distribution of marital property are similar to the factors used to determine alimony. However, the contribution to the marriage is also considered. Providing income to the marriage is considered to be a valuable contribution, and so is homemaking and raising children.

Property Settlement Agreements

Our divorce attorneys are client-centered and resolution-oriented. We work to resolve property division issues within your divorce or separation agreement. Through our 25 years of family law experience, we have found that an amicable resolution of divorce-related issues is effective in minimizing the expense and emotional turmoil of a very sensitive situation. We work with clients to create a property division agreement which is fair and in our client's interests.

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