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Connecticut Paternity Lawyer

Paternity is a very important issue which grants rights and obligations to every party involved. At the law office of Gans & Gans, we offer support and guidance to mothers and fathers involved in paternity actions in Connecticut. Our Bridgeport law firm is a small office that offers the personal attention a family needs and deserves through difficult family matters.

Contact our paternity attorneys for individualized and experienced representation in Connecticut.

Paternity is a legal process which determines who is the biological father of a child. For married couples, paternity is assumed at birth. However, for unmarried parents, paternity must be determined through a voluntary affidavit of parentage or through a paternity action. Paternity establishes rights and obligations pertaining to many issues, such as:

Helping Parents Assert their Rights

Paternity grants rights to mothers, fathers, and children. While a judgment of paternity may enable a father to have the right to parenting time or other parental rights, it also enables an unwed mother and child the right to collect child support. As experienced family law attorneys, we are able to help families on either side of paternity actions, either pursuing or contesting paternity.

Connecticut laws set forth timelines for contesting paternity. Lawmakers have determined that once a child has reached a certain age, it is unfair to the child for paternity to be contested, suddenly removing the right to be supported by both parental figures. Therefore, if you are wary about paternity, it is important be cautious signing voluntary paternity acknowledgements as you will also be waiving your right to contest paternity in the future. In addition, if you are concerned about paternity, it is crucial to take prompt action to obtain a DNA paternity test.

Help and Support through Life's Challenges

Whether you must pursue a paternity action to obtain child support, wish to contest paternity, or need to have paternity established to assert your parental rights, our family lawyers will provide you with the comforting and knowledgeable representation you need. Contact our Connecticut paternity attorneys for a free consultation.

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