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Parenting Access Plans/Visitation

Bridgeport Child Visitation Attorney

Your children are very important to you, as is the special bond that you share with them. It is important that your relationship with your child is not damaged by a contentious divorce or separation. At Gans & Gans, we understand how sensitive family issues are when children are involved. We help parents protect what is dearest to them with minimal strain and turmoil.

Experienced Guidance with Parenting Time Concerns

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Child custody and parenting plans are based solely upon what is in the child's best interests. Therefore, in contested visitation matters, the court may appoint a guardian or attorney for the minor to convey to the court what the child's wishes or the child's best interests are. Our family lawyers are skilled at taking cases to trial. However, it is often healthier on the children and all parties involved if the parents come together and work out a solution.

Parenting Time Plans/Parental Access Plans

We help our clients establish parenting plans in conjunction with child custody agreements. We are experienced in establishing parenting plans of all types. These can range from traditional plans involving joint physical custody with parenting time on weekends, holidays, and summer breaks to comprehensive agreements which involve time after school, evenings during the week, equal time, or other arrangements.

We understand that each family is unique with very individual needs. Therefore, we tailor our representation so that your parenting time agreement is based upon the specific facts and needs of your situation. In addition, when circumstances change in the future, we welcome you to take advantage of our child visitation modification services.

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