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Modifications of Alimony & Child Support

Connecticut Support Modification Attorney

Loss of a job, purchase of rental properties, or other changes that impact income should also impact alimony or child support payments. Likewise, modifications in parenting time, job rehabilitation, marriage, or other lifestyle changes may also impact rights and responsibilities involving support payments. The lawyers at Gans & Gans have the knowledge and experience to provide clients with the informative guidance they need involving modifications of support.

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Modification of Child Support

The child support guidelines set a strict formula for determining child support payments. Based upon the number of children and the income of both parties, child support payments should be within 15% of the guideline. Deviations of greater or less than 15% may trigger a modification of child support.

Modification of Alimony

Alimony (also known as spousal maintenance or spousal support) is based strictly upon what is fair. While there is not a set formula for determining alimony, courts use a set of factors for determining alimony. When a significant change occurs, such as change in income, cohabitation, or remarriage, the courts use the same factors to determine if the current alimony is fair or requires adjustment.

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