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Modification of Child Custody

Connecticut Child Custody Attorney

As a family moves through life, new changes may arise which require parents to revisit child custody agreements or child custody orders. At the family law office of Gans & Gans, our lawyers understand that it is natural for families to change over time. We help parents re-evaluate child custody and parenting time and work to establish a custody arrangement which reflects the family's current needs.

Client Centered Child Custody Modifications

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As with the initial child custody agreement or court order, any child custody modifications must be in the child's best interest. A parent requesting a modification must show that while the original order may have been in the child's best interest, that is no longer the case. New factors may involve:

  • A parent moves out of state following job relocation
  • A parent becomes abusive
  • A parent's new spouse is abusive
  • A parent's job causes limited availability to support children
  • A child choice is heard when he/she becomes old enough
  • A parent becomes physically or mentally ill limiting ability to support children
  • A parent passes away

As experienced child custody attorneys, we help clients revisit child custody agreements and determine what changes should or should not be made. Our 25 years of family law experience and consistent client focus has enabled our attorneys to help families resolve child custody disputes and establish modifications which are in the child's best interest as well as the client's interests.

To discuss your child custody modification needs with an experienced attorney, contact our Connecticut family law office and schedule a free consultation.

More Information: We also provide zealous representation with other post decree modifications, such as:

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