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Bridgeport, Connecticut, Guardianship Attorneys

Guardianships enable a person other than a child's biological parent to have authority over the physical care of the child and the many decisions that may arise when caring for the child. Gans & Gans offers experienced guidance, helping clients efficiently through the guardianship process.

Informative Client-Centered Guardianship Representation

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As experienced family lawyers, we help clients understand guardianships and assist clients with guardianships for both minor children or elderly who have become incapacitated. There are many factors which may create the need to establish a guardianship over a minor child, such as:

  • The death of biological parents
  • The parent has drug abuse problems
  • The parent is alcohol dependant or has other chemical dependency
  • The child has been subject to child abuse or neglect
  • The parent is in jail
  • The parent is suffering from serious disease or mental illness and is incapable of caring for the child

Through the establishment of a guardianship, the guardian would have the ability to make decisions regarding healthcare and schooling, provide health insurance for the child, accept child support payments, and manage other essentials to care for the child.

Over 25 Years of Experience Guiding you through the Process

We help grandparents and other family members make an application for guardianship through the Probate Court and address any questions or concerns they may have throughout the process. We help clients establish guardianships to protect the best interests of the child and enable the family to provide the best care possible.

While many guardianship applications are voluntarily agreed upon by the biological parents, we handle both contested and uncontested guardianships. In addition, we have the trial skills and experience to provide advocacy to parents and support their position that a guardianship is not in the child's best interest.

For compassionate and experienced representation through the legal guardianship process, contact our family law office and schedule a free consultation.

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