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Grandparents' Rights

Connecticut Grandparent Visitation Lawyers

Spending time with family members, especially grandparents, is an essential element of growing up. It is unfortunate that some children are incapable of establishing this bond before family members pass. However, many times this relationship is disrupted through other difficult family situations. This can be emotionally and physically draining on the grandparents as well as the grandchild.

At the law office of Gans & Gans, we help grandparents understand Connecticut laws and determine how to move forward in cases involving grandparent rights. Contact our Bridgeport family law firm for a free initial consultation.

Connecticut Grandparents' Rights

In Connecticut, courts do not typically award grandparents custody of their grandchild. There have only been very limited circumstances in which courts have allowed grandparent guardianship. However, Connecticut laws do provide for grandparent visitation rights in certain situations.

There are specific guidelines which courts follow when determining if grandparent visitation rights should be granted. However, visitation rights are not guaranteed.

  • Prior relationship: The grandparent must have had a previous relationship with the grandchild in order to be eligible for visitation time.
  • Controversy: There must be a current legal action pending involving a controversy between the parents that allows the grandparents to intervene and raise their rights to access or visit their grandchild or grandchildren. Helping Grandparents Navigate the Legal System

Our attorneys assess the specific facts of each situation and inform clients of their rights based upon those facts. We offer advice and guidance helping clients make informed decisions of how to move forward with their case. If a client chooses to proceed, we help them navigate the intricacies of the legal system and laws pertaining to grandparent rights.

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