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Connecticut Divorce Lawyer

At the Bridgeport law firm of Gans & Gans, we understand that dissolution of marriage can be emotionally and financially hard on the entire family. Our divorce attorneys focus on guiding you through the divorce process with as little stress, turmoil, and expense as possible. We help you seek a resolution that will give you confidence and closure.

Resolution Oriented Divorce Attorneys

Contact our Bridgeport, Connecticut, law office for a free consultation with our skilled family law attorneys.

As experienced divorce and family law attorneys, we work to achieve a fair result, utilizing our investigative and discovery techniques to ensure all financial information is disclosed. We work to address all of your questions and concerns from assessing child custody issues and health insurance rights to the valuation of businesses, assets, and debts.

We have the experience and skill to help you with all aspects of legal separation or divorce, such as:

In addition, our attorneys recognize that many families do not have rights and protection that divorce laws provide to married people. Therefore, we provide advice and guidance with civil union matters and advise unmarried couples.

True Client Advocacy in Divorce Resolution

While we feel that an amicable resolution is often in a client's best interest, we tailor our representation based upon your needs and goals. We have the experience and trial skills to litigate cases in divorce court when necessary. In addition, our resolution techniques, integrity, and competence have earned our divorce lawyers the respect of judges and others in the legal community. This helps put us in a strong position when trial becomes necessary.

Our family lawyers strive to help you throughout the divorce process so that you can move forward. For experienced, compassionate, and personal legal counsel, contact the divorce attorneys at Gans & Gans.

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