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Child Support

Bridgeport Child Support Lawyers

It is essential to the welfare of a child to receive continued emotional support as well as financial support from both parents, regardless of relationship or marital status. Child support provides protection and financial stability so that the child receives the care support he/she needs and deserves.

At the Bridgeport law office of Gans & Gans, we provide knowledgeable and experienced child support guidance to single parents or families enduring divorce.

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Connecticut Child Custody Laws

Each child has a right to be supported by both biological parents. Because this right lies with the child, it can not be waived by the parent. Child support payments are calculated based upon strict statutory guidelines considering number of children and income of both parents. Child support payments will also allocate responsibility for other support, such as:

  • Daycare costs
  • Medical insurance
  • Uncovered medical expenses
  • Percentage of college education
  • Extracurricular/sport expenses

While departure from child support guidelines is rare, there are certain exceptions, such as in cases involving shared parenting plans or intentional reduction in earning capacity. Our child support attorneys work with clients to negotiate child support issues. We ensure that all sources of income are considered when establishing child support, including non-taxable income and income from rental properties.

Over 25 Years of Experience Guiding You

Our Bridgeport law firm consists of three very experienced lawyers who are committed to helping individuals and families through life's challenges and transitions. Whether you need assistance establishing child support or modifying child support, you can trust in Gans & Gans to provide you with the individual support and guidance you need.

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