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Attorney or Guardian for Minor Children

Connecticut Family Law Attorneys

When there are contested family issues that involve a child, such as determination of child custody, scheduling of visitation/parenting time, schooling, grandparent rights, or many other contested issues, it is important that the court understands what is in the child's best interest. In many cases, it is also important to understand what the child's wishes are.

The family lawyers at Gans & Gans have served as court appointed attorneys for minors and a guardian ad litem in cases throughout Connecticut. Contact our Bridgeport law firm to speak with an experienced family lawyer.

Depending on the child's age and the issues involved, the court may appoint an attorney for the child or a guardian ad litem. In many situations, the court will appoint both a guardian and an attorney for the minor to protect the child's welfare.

Attorney for Minors

A court may appoint an attorney for minors in situations in which the child is older and may understand the family issues surrounding them. Parents are often too engrossed in the frustrations, anxiety, and contentious disputes to listen to the child.

An attorney for the minor listens to the child and offers a voice for the child, enabling the parents and the court to understand what the child wants and needs.

Guardian for Minor/Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)

A guardian ad litem is appointed in situations in which the child involved is young, has difficulty communicating, or may be vulnerable to being swayed by parents. In order to avoid these volatile situations, the guardian ad litem assesses the situation to uncover what the best interest of the child truly is.

The guardian ad litem may perform home visits, speak with psychologists, talk with schools or pediatricians, or perform other investigations. The guardian ad litem will bring evidence to court and may testify regarding the best interest of the child.

Reputable Guardians and Attorneys for Minors

Because children are so rarely allowed in the courtroom, the attorney for the minor or guardian ad litem is often the only voice of reason in court and the only one speaking for either the child's wishes or the child's best interests. Our experienced family lawyers are valued by the Connecticut legal community and have served as such individuals in many cases.

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