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Connecticut Adoption Lawyers

Adoption can wonderful - but the process can be overwhelming to those engulfed in sensitive family matters. At the Bridgeport law firm of Gans & Gans, we guide families through the intricate stages of family adoptions. We work to minimize any stress or frustration associated with the process.

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While adoption is a very rewarding process for many, it can be very tense for other families. We have the experience and compassion to handle all family circumstances and lead your family through the process. We assist clients with the following:

  • Termination of parental rights: The initial stages of every adoption begin with the termination of the biological parents' parental rights.
  • Stepparent adoptions: Newly remarried couples often pursue stepparent adoptions in order to give the child full opportunity of health insurance and other rights of the stepparent.
  • Family adoptions: Grandparent adoptions or other family adoptions may be necessary to protect a child from harm or keep the child out of foster care in instances involving death of the parents, drug abuse, incarceration, child abuse, or neglect.

In addition, we offer advice and assistance to families in navigating the paperwork and other legal issues involved in other adoptions, such as private adoptions, agency adoptions, or international adoptions.

Guiding Families for Over 25 Years

In Connecticut, adoptions are overseen by the probate court. Our attorneys offer more than 25 years of experience handling such issues in the probate courts. We alleviate anxiety by taking on the burdens of handling the legal issues while you focus on your family.

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